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Meet our team

At EUclaim we work with a team of experts every day to ensure the best service and that passengers receive their compensation.


    • Hendrik Noorderhaven

      Hendrik Noorderhaven


    • Bert van den Brink

      Bert van den Brink

      IT Director

    • Tjitze Noorderhaven

      Tjitze Noorderhaven

      Managing Director

    • Rinus Welleman

      Rinus Welleman

      Financial Director

    • Adeline Noorderhaven

      Adeline Noorderhaven

      Process Manager

    IT Department

    • Arnout Saedt

      Arnout Saedt

      Senior Software Engineer

    • Michel Diephuis

      Michel Diephuis

      Senior Software Engineer

    • Richard van den Brink

      Richard van den Brink

      System Administrator

    • Jeroen Kolkman

      Jeroen Kolkman

      WEB & Application Developer

    Flight Intelligence

    • Paul Vaneker

      Paul Vaneker

      Senior Flight Intelligence

    • Marieke Hoetink

      Marieke Hoetink

      Flight Intelligence


    • Chantal Just de la Paisieres

      Chantal Just de la Passieres

      Supervisor Claimdesk

    • Debbie Dijkhuis

      Debbie Dijkhuis

      Senior Claimdesk

    • Martine Mekers

      Martine Mekers


    Customer Care

    • Jolande Klompmaker

      Jolande Klompmaker

      Supervisor Customer Care

    • Linda Wagener

      Linda Wagener

      Customer Care

    Legal Department

    • Male employee EUclaim

      Rick Telkamp

      Senior Legal Counsel

    • Ramona Beer

      Ramona Beer

      Legal Counsel

    • Daan Leenders

      Daan Leenders

      Legal Counsel

    • Carmen Schippers

      Carmen Schippers

      Legal Counsel

    • Male employee EUclaim

      Xander Kranenberg

      Legal Counsel

    • Daisy Lanters

      Daisy Lanters

      Legal Trainee

    • Erik de Vries

      Erik de Vries

      Legal Assistant

    • Jody Vis

      Jody Vis

      Administrative Assistant

    Financial Department

    • Ben Peters

      Ben Peters


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