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  • ryanair has t opay customers 400 euros each for a delayed flight


    Ryanair compensates passengers due to intoxicated crew member

  • 09-06-2023

    No extra delays or cancellations due to wild fires in New York

  • 11-05-2023

    Court of Justice ruled that death of co-pilot does not constitute extraordinary circumstances

  • KLM vliegtuig in de lucht


    Airlines already breaking bilateral agreement with the European Commission

    The Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) welcomed the bilateral agreement between the European Commission and European airlines, signed on 1 October, whereby 16 major airlines have committed to better information and timely reimbursement of passengers in case of flight cancellations, following dialogues with the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities. At least three airlines, including Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), are already breaking their commitment.

  • easyjet airplane ready to take off


    easyJet 25 years active at Schiphol: EUclaim shares numbers

    Monday 6 April 2021 marked a milestone for easyJet. The British budget airline celebrated the 25th anniversary of the route between London Luton and Schiphol. This route was easyJet’s first international connection in 1996. Nowadays, easyJet has a base at Schiphol and EUclaim shares some interesting numbers about this.

  • airplane above skyline of city


    Aviation sector much deeper into the red than expected

    On Tuesday 24 November, the industry association IATA published a report on the aviation sector. The report shows that the global aviation sector will be in the red much deeper than expected in 2020. This is the result of the corona crisis and the faltering recovery of air traffic.

  • plane in clouds


    European green light for Boeing 737 MAX

    The European aviation regulator EASA reports in an interview with the French newspaper La Tribune that the Boeing 737 MAX is expected to be allowed to fly again in Europe in January. This means that the flight ban will be lifted after 20 months.

  • wing of norwegian airplane


    Norwegian applies for bankruptcy protection

    On Wednesday 18 November 2020, the airline Norwegian (DY) announced that it had filed for bankruptcy protection. In the absence of additional state aid from the Norwegian Government, the budget airline has been forced to take this step.

  • passenger waiting in gate for his flight


    More travel restrictions due to coronavirus for passengers flying to Spain

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) continues to advise against non-essential travel to the popular holiday destination Spain. Different airlines are responding in different ways concerning flights to Spain, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions continue.
  • View at Southend airport


    EasyJet confirms closure of bases at London Stansted, Southend and New Castle

    EasyJet has confirmed to close its base at London Stansted from September and will also close Southend and New Castle. In total 1900 jobs will be cut in the country and 4500 jobs in Europe.

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