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  • british airways aircraft is almost ready to leave


    British Airways fears 12,000 redundancies

    British Airways has set out plans to make up to 12,000 of its employees redundant. The airline is hit hard by the coronavirus which caused a global collapse in passenger numbers.

  • wing of norwegian airplane


    Bankruptcy for Danish and Swedish subsidiaries of Norwegian

    Scandinavian airline Norwegian has filed for bankruptcy for four of its subsidiaries. This means that approximately 4700 employees will lose their jobs.

  • airplane of south african airways in the sky


    The airline South African Airways nears collapse

    South African Airways (SAA) is on the brink of collapse. The South African government no longer wants to invest and the national airline is currently working on creating severance packages for all 4700 employees.

  • front of cockpit


    Corona travel updates from airlines operating in UK

    Due to the coronavirus all non-essential flights to and from the UK have been cancelled. This page shows the latest updates from multiple airlines operating in the UK like British Airways, easyJet, TUI, Jet2, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic.

    This article was last updated on April 21 2020.

  • man with mouth cap due to coronavirus


    The impact of corona on aviation

    The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is clearly noticeable in aviation. The demand for airline tickets is decreasing, airlines are cancelling flights and travel advice changes daily. The information below is correct at the time of writing, but subject to change. Therefore you should always check the latest updates with your airline.

  • flybe aircraft at airport


    Flybe collapses into administration

    The British airline Flybe has collapsed into administration this morning. All Flybe flights and those operated by sister airline Stobart Air have been cancelled with immediate effect as a result.
  • air traffic control tower


    French air traffic control on strike again

    The French air traffic control has been on strike again since last night until the 9th of March. This strike could cause flight disruptions. Flights to and from France, as well as those flying through the French airspace may be affected.

  • sandstorm causes flight delays


    Many disrupted flights due to sandstorm and hefty winds

    A sandstorm from the Sahara hit the Canary Islands last weekend, causing chaos and widespread problems to the air traffic. Flights from these islands have been grounded due to the weather conditions.
  • View on an airplane on London Heathrow Airport


    Delays and cancellations due to Heathrow IT meltdown

    Last Sunday many flights were cancelled or delayed because of an IT malfunction at check-in systems and departure signs at London Heathrow Airport. Thousands of passengers were affected by this IT meltdown.

  • man with mouth cap due to coronavirus


    British Airways suspends all flights to China due to Corona outbreak

    All direct flights from and to the mainland of China have been suspended by British Airways. Since the Corona outbreak killed 132 people and the impact of the virus is spreading, several measures have been taken to prevent the disease from spreading. British Airways is reacting to the first European cases of the virus by suspending their flights to the Chinese mainland.