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About our service

EUclaim is committed to help airline passengers with problems with their flight. Based on Regulation 261/2004 and our unique database, we help passengers to get their compensation for a flight delay, flight cancellation, missed connection or when they were denied to board.

Did you experience a flight problem? And did you fly from an EU country, or to an EU country with an European airline? Check your rights for getting a compensation for your flight and submit your claim.

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    You receive your compensation; you will receive 71% excl. VAT of the claim amount, minus a €33 administration fee per passenger. If we are unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay us anything.

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  • 2007


  • 4,6

    average rating by passengers

  • 32%

    of cases require a lawsuit

  • 97%

    change of succes

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  • EUclaim exists for 15 years.
  • We have helped thousands of customers.
  • Our service is free. You only pay a percentage when you get your money back from the airline.
  • Based on our unique database with flight data, we immediately provide you with clarity about your rights.
  • We never give up. Even after 10 years, claims are still paid.
  • There is a 32% chance you need a lawsuit for getting your compensations. Legal costs are included.

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