100 Days Report

Saturday the 1st of June 2013 saw the Bott Aviation Department turn 100 Days Old. It seems but a blink of an eye since we took our first group of clients from EUclaim pursuing compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 for delayed, cancelled, rerouted or missed connection flights and it is safe to say that it has been a whirlwind period.

There have been a number of staggering achievements within this timescale :

• Over £250,000 worth of damages secured for over 600 clients across 300 flights. This compares with only £85,000 secured by the
Civil Aviation Authority in 6 months – 3 times as much in half the time.
• Damages secured from 15 separate airlines on flights as far back as 2008.
• Over 50 sets of Court proceedings issued.
• Judgment entered on a number of cases.
• Over 4000 letters of claim sent out.
• Freedom of information requests sent to the Civil Aviation Authority, taking them to task
over their enforcement of 261/2004.
• Quoted in national media and industry press around 261/2004.
• Represented in Brussels by one of our solicitors at the 261/2004 Stakeholders Meeting on
the 29th of May 2013.

New targets set in the next 100 days for EUclaim and Bott Aviation include :

• Issue 500 sets of proceedings against airlines we believe are wrongly disputing valid claims.
• Undertake our first final hearings around technical issues for 261/2004.
• Accept 1000 new clients and send letters of claim to the airlines.
• Continue to comment on the Airline industry and their refusal to acknowledge their obligations under 261/2004.

As the only dedicated department in any UK Law Firm dealing with 261/2004 claims for passengers we are determined to build on the strong start we have made and to provide the best possible service for UK passengers. Working in conjunction with our partners at EUclaim we are happy to provide advice, assistance and help wherever possible as we continue to grow.

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