Alitalia pilot afraid of wind

We have received a verdict from a Dutch Court that has already been put on our ‘all time favorites’ list. Every preconception you might have about Italian macho’s were confirmed. What happened?

A Dutch passenger wanted to travel from Florence, via Rome, to Amsterdam. In Florence, the pilot took place in the cockpit. With his hat on and four golden stripes he was quite the man. We heard many female passengers were swooning over him. A pilot from your dreams, ready to fly you away. However, that dream quickly shattered into pieces.

Within a few minutes, the pilot, Luigi, stated that he could not fly the plane because of a little windy weather. He did not have the right license to be allowed to depart and thus the flight was cancelled. The passengers were brought to Rome by bus, where their connecting flight to Amsterdam was already gone. The passengers eventually arrived at their final destination with an extensive delay. Alitalia backed up their pilot. It really was very windy in Florence, 15 knots even!

With detailed weather reports EUclaim was able to counter this ridiculous excuse. The judge ruled in favor of the passengers.

And Luigi? He will have to take his exam again.

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