Best seats on the plane

The summer holidays are planned and the flights are booked. Next important job on the list what seat shall I book?  According to a recent article in the Daily Mail there is a real art to booking your seat. We've all looked at the an aircraft seat plan and pondered 23A or shall I go for 15C? Does it really make a difference? We've highlighted a few tips that will help you get the seat your heart desires without paying a premium, and you might just get a whole row to yourself!

The magic 53 days before departure

Apparently, flights are at their least expensive 53 days before departure date, and if you are flying as a couple it pays to book the aisle and the window seat as the middle seat is always booked last. A gamble, but, you may just get the whole row to yourselves and if not you could ask the passenger stuck in the middle to swap.

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