carry on luggage bagage and cabin bags

Carry-on luggage and cabin bags

weight and size limits for all airlines

When it comes to traveling light, carry-on luggage and carry-on bags are the go-to choices. These essentials allow you to skip the hassle of checking in your baggage, making your journey smoother. However, it’s essential to grasp the specific weight and size limits for carry-on items set by your chosen airline. Here, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to these restrictions for various airlines.

Dimensions for carry-on luggage

Most airlines adhere to a general rule for carry-on luggage, which specifies maximum dimensions of 56x46x25cm. These dimensions include the wheels and handles of your carry-on bag. However, it’s crucial to note that each airline may have its own unique guidelines for carry-on bags. Let’s explore the carry-on rules for several major airlines, keeping a focus on both carry-on luggage and carry-on bags:

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Overview weight and size limits for all airlines

Wizz Air
TUI fly
Additional notes
Small bag under the seat; Priority passengers get extra item.
Flexi fare and premium passengers can bring an extra item.
Optima, Family, and Timeflex fares allow a second item.
Handles and wheels not included; wheels should add < 5cm.
LowFare+ and premium tickets allow an extra carry-on item.
Green label bags (obtained at the airport) allowed under the seat.

*dimensions in cm and weight in kg

Ryanair baggage rules:

  • Dimensions: 40x20x25cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

Ryanair allows you to bring one small carry-on bag on board for free, provided it fits under the seat in front of you. Examples of suitable carry-on bags include handbags, laptop bags, or small backpacks. The weight of your carry-on luggage or bag must not exceed ten kilograms. Passengers who opt for Priority & 2 Carry-On Items, including Regular or Flexi Plus tickets, can bring an additional carry-on bag, up to ten kilograms in weight and with dimensions of up to 55x40x20cm. It’s important to note that on crowded flights, your carry-on luggage or bag may need to be checked in for an additional fee.

easyJet carry-on luggage rules:

  • Dimensions: 35x36x20cm
  • Maximum Weight: Fifteen kilograms

EasyJet allows one piece of carry-on luggage or bag with maximum dimensions of 35x36x20cm and a weight limit of fifteen kilograms. You should be able to place your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment yourself. For passengers holding Flexi fare tickets, Up Front seats, Extra Legroom seats, easyJet Plus cards, or those purchasing an additional carry-on item, an extra carry-on bag can be brought, designed to fit under the seat in front of you, with dimensions of 56x45x25cm.

Vueling cabin bag rules:

  • Dimensions: 40x20x30cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

Vueling permits one piece of free carry-on luggage or bag, weighing up to ten kilograms, with dimensions of 40x20x30cm. Customers with Optima, Family, and Timeflex fares can also bring a second carry-on item, with a weight limit of ten kilograms and dimensions of 55x40x20cm. This rule applies to Premium customers, passengers with special needs, and those traveling with a baby, regardless of their fare.

Wizz Air carry-on bag rules:

  • Dimensions: 40x30x20cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

Wizz Air allows one piece of carry-on luggage or bag (40x30x20cm) to be placed under the seat in front of you. Keep in mind that the specified dimensions for Wizz Air do not include handles and wheels. However, the added height from the wheels should not exceed 5cm. The maximum weight for your carry-on luggage or bag is ten kilograms.

Norwegian hand luggage rules:

  • Dimensions: 30x20x38cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

Norwegian allows one small carry-on bag with maximum dimensions of 30x20x38cm, designed to fit under the seat in front of you. The carry-on bag should not exceed ten kilograms in weight. Travelers holding LowFare+, Flex, Premium, or PremiumFlex tickets can bring an additional carry-on bag (55x40x23cm) suitable for overhead storage. For LowFare+, the weight limit is ten kilograms, while the other fare types allow up to fifteen kilograms.

TUI fly luggage rules:

  • Dimensions: 55x40x20cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

TUI fly permits one carry-on item weighing up to ten kilograms, with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm. This item can be conveniently stored in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

Transavia carry-on rules:

  • Dimensions: 55x40x25cm
  • Maximum Weight: Ten kilograms

Transavia allows one carry-on bag or trolley with a maximum weight of ten kilograms and dimensions not exceeding 55x40x25cm. Carry-on bags with a green label from Transavia (obtained at the airport) are always welcome in the cabin, provided they fit under the seat in front of you. These carry-on bags should weigh a maximum of ten kilograms and have dimensions of up to 45x40x25cm. On busy days, there’s a possibility that carry-on luggage may be placed in the hold. In addition to one piece of carry-on luggage or bag, you can also bring an umbrella or walking stick on board with Transavia.

Airlines with more generous carry-on policies

Some airlines, such as British Airways, KLM, Air France, and Iberia, offer more lenient carry-on baggage policies. These airlines allow you to bring two carry-on items and provide greater flexibility in terms of weight.

Airlines are becoming increasingly vigilant in ensuring that your carry-on luggage or bag adheres to their specific requirements. Failure to comply with the carry-on baggage policy may result in your carry-on luggage or bag being checked as hold luggage, incurring additional charges. Therefore, it’s crucial to always check with your chosen airline before flying to confirm that your carry-on baggage meets their specific conditions.”

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