EasyJet Passenger Nearly Denied Boarding After Complaining About Airline On Twitter

A passenger whose flight was delayed was initially told he would not be allowed to board the aircraft after tweeting the airline to complain.

Mark Leiser, a law lecturer at Strathclyde University was travelling from Glasgow to London Gatwick on September 24th when his flight was delayed over an hour. Realising he might not make his connection he asked an easyJet attendant what time the last train to Central London was, eventually being told his journey after the flight was not the airline’s problem. He was also informed also there was a member of the military on board who may miss his connection to Portsmouth because of the delay.

Mr Leiser told The Independent “It was at that point I sent the tweet. I wasn’t concerned for me but if this guy might miss his boat which was potentially disembarking into a war zone because he had relied on easyJet then I thought put pressure on them to do something about it”

Nothing further was heard on the matter until they queued to board the flight and he was pulled out of line by an attendant. “She pulled me out the line which was embarrassing. Then she told me they were not going to let me get on this flight because of the tweet I sent. The manager then came over and told the woman to check if I had any bags on board.”

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