Five tips for improving your airport experience

Flying can be exciting, but waiting at the airport is a necessary evil. EUclaim has some tips to make your airport experience less stressful.

Person waiting for flight at the airport
  1. Choose an early flight

    Do you want to avoid delays and cancellations? Then you should try to take early flights. Analysis have shown that early flights are less likely to be delayed or cancelled. Early morning on-time performance is best explained by air traffic. Airspace is less likely to be crowded in the morning, since all previous flights have landed for the night. Moreover, airports are less busy in the mornings. Another advantage of flying early; airlines tend to sell cheaper tickets for early flights!

  2. Arrive at the airport on time

    There is nothing more stressful and annoying than arriving at the airport to find a long security line. Why going through the struggle? It is recommended to arrive at least two hours before departure time. Besides, getting early and finding a seat at the gate will help you relax before flying. Make sure you bring a nice book to help kill the time!

  3. Check-in online

    Checking-in online will save you a lot of time. By checking-in online you can print your boarding pass or save it on your smart phone and so you can skip the long lines. If you are checking bags, don’t worry. Most airlines have a curbside baggage drop-off that you can use. Besides, checking in online allows you to choose your own seats. Those who check in as early as possible have the best selection of seats that are available.

  4. Put your liquids in a plastic bag

    If you bring liquids or makeup, make sure you put them in a plastic bag. This will help you get through security faster and more organized. Also, if you put you jewellery and loose coins in your bag, you can pass by the x-rays and security faster, since the metals won’t get in the way.

  5. Carry-on checklist

    Be smart and make sure you have all your necessities at your fingertips. Make a check list of the things you need. Here is a list of some items that might we useful to have in your carry-on:

    • Cell phone and charger
    • Electric converters and adapters
    • Deodorant
    • Snacks
    • Extra sweater
    • Headphones
    • Eye mask and ear plugs

Do you have any airport tips? Share them with us by commenting below.

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