Flight delayed due to a technical defect? You may be entitled to compensation!

A regular occurrence in commercial flying, delays due to technical defects. Among technical defects are all sorts of technical issues and repairs, also unforeseen situations such as inspections after Bird strikes.

In which situations does a technical defect apply?

All defects concerning the plane that need to be fixed are considered a technical defect when this is causing a delay to the flight. Many passengers don’t know that they are entitled to compensation when their flight is delayed due to a technical defect. Even when this defect is caused by a third party, the airline is still responsible for the delay.

And here’s why: All activities inherent to the normal operations of an airline are also their responsibility. This also applies to contracts with baggage handlers for example. If a baggage vehicle clashes with the airplane (it happens), causing more than a three hour delay to the flight, passengers are entitled to compensation. The airline has a contract with the baggage handler, whom is responsible for the damage. Besides this, technical defects are in line with the work that comes with being a commercial airline.

What are your passenger rights?

Technical defects are no extraordinary circumstance. Passengers that face a delayed or cancelled flight due to a technical defect, could be entitled up to €600 per person. Not sure whether your flight was delayed due to a technical defect? Check your entitlements for free and without hassle at euclaim.co.uk

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