How to calculate flight time and flight distance?

If you are going on a city trip of holiday, it could be nice to know what your flight time and flight distance will be. We show you how you can easily calculate your flight time so you can prepare for a long or short flight.

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Flight time depends on several factors

The given flight time can differ due to various factors. The actual duration of the flight may vary depending on the type of aircraft, flight path and weather conditions. For example, your plane may have a headwind which means the plane will take a little longer on a route.

Why is it useful to know the flight duration?

If you
have family or friends who will pick you up from the airport, it could be nice
to inform them about you flight duration. This way they know what time you will
land. This information is usually given in the flight information from the

If you are informed about your flight duration it makes it easier to prepare yourself for the flight. Depending on the flight duration you probably decide what you want to take with you in your hand luggage and you can also think about how many movies you are planning to watch.

Why is it useful to know the distance of your flight?

When your delayed flight falls under Regulation 261/2004, the amount of compensation is based on the distance of your flight. All you need to calculate the flight distance, is your departure and arrival airport. Based on the number of kilometers, you know how high the compensation will be in case of a flight delay or cancellation.

  • €250 (£{250euro_gbp}*) compensation for a delayed flight up to 1,500 km (e.g. London to Zurich)
  • €400 (£{400euro_gbp}*) compensation for a delayed flight between 1,500 km and 3,500 km (e.g. London to Istanbul)
  • €600 (£{600euro_gbp}*) compensation for a delayed flight exceeding 3,500 km (e.g. London to New York)

When the distance of your flight is 3,500 km or more and you arrive with a delay between three or four hours, you are entitled to 50% of the compensation amount.

*Compensation calculated {ConversionRateDate} rate of £1: €{ConversionRate} and rounded to the nearest £1.

Where can I calculate my flight time and distance?

On our website you can calculate the flight distance based on our database with flight data. It is very simple: enter your details below and we will inform you about the distance.

are other website where you can easily calculate your flight time and flights
distance. We find the following websites very clear and easy to use:

Example: the distance between London Heathrow and Oslo Airport is 1,205.96 kilometer. You are entitled to a compensation of €250 in case of a flight delay of three hours or more.

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