Palma de Mallorca is the summer destination with the most flight delays

Long queues form and excited crowds emerge at UK airports during summer —the busiest time of the year. Millions of British travellers spend their holidays abroad to indulge themselves in relaxation and sun by the sea. These busy times are often challenging for airports and airlines that transport the passengers to their sunny destinations and back.

We compared four holiday carriers departing from the UK, showing their top 3 most-often-delayed flight routes in July and August. These delays exceeded three hours. Palma de Mallorca tops the list as the holiday destination with the most delays.


Thomson Holidays is one of the most well-known holiday providers and offers flights from 28 airports in the UK. The most delayed routes of July and August of their own airline, Thomson were between the UK and Paphos, Palma de Mallorca and Cancun.

Carrier Route Delays > 3 hours
Thomson UK – Paphos


Thomson UK – Palma de Mallorca


Thomson UK – Cancun



Monarch flies from 5 UK airports to various sunny holiday destinations. The most delayed routes of July and August were Palma de Mallorca, Dalaman and Malaga.

Carrier Route Delays > 3 hours
Monarch UK – Palma de Mallorca


Monarch UK – Dalaman


Monarch UK – Malaga


Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook flies from 23 UK airports to various holiday destinations. It had fewer long delays compared to Thomson, Monarch and Jet2. The most delayed routes in July and August with Thomas Cook were Dalaman, Orlando and Cancun.

Carrier Route Delays > 3 hours
Thomas Cook UK – Dalaman


Thomas Cook UK – Orlando


Thomas Cook UK – Cancun



Jet2 is a special UK holiday carrier that has 8 UK bases, and starting spring 2017, will also be flying from London Stansted. Jet2 tops the list of the holiday carrier with the most delays. The top 3 delayed summer routes included Palma de Mallorca that had 14 delays which exceeded three hours.

Carrier Route Delays > 3 hours
Jet2 UK – Palma de Mallorca


Jet2 UK – Tenerife


Jet2 UK – Arrecife


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