Plane fails for second time in two days

“Pan Pan Pan”, only one step down from the mayday call, was called through to Cardiff Airport Air Traffic Call as a Thomson Boeing 757 suffered problems with the landing flaps as it approached the arrival runway last Tuesday evening. Full emergency was called with all local emergency services arriving on the scene but fortunately the plane was able to land safely. The flight was TOM6707 from Arrecife in Lanzarote.

Rather amazingly this was the second time in two days that this plane had suffered this problem whilst landing, problems having been experienced earlier that week, as it carried hundreds of passengers in to Cardiff from Alicante. A spokeswoman for Thomson said “Thomson Airways can confirm that flight TOM6707 flying from Lanzarote to Cardiff airport on Sunday experiencing a minor technical fault. As a precautionary measure the pilot declared a PAN and emergency services met the aircraft at arrival at the airport. The flight on Saturday also suffered a technical fault”.

A local aircraft enthusiast told Walesonline that the plane was put “in the stack” to circle whilst the emergency services were called. The source, who did not want to be named said “It was a problem with the flaps.; It had to land with one flap and it came in fast…… it landed very, very fast – one observe told me they could smell the burning of the brakes….. It looked close to running off at the end of the runway but thank God it’s down safely….. For it to happen to the same aircraft with the same fault, really that doesn’t look good”.

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