Prices of checked luggage with UK airlines

With the most competitive booking fares as more airlines are accommodating your favourite destinations, something has to give. More airlines are cutting costs by increasing the prices on inflight service, selecting a preferred seat and bringing luggage. Limiting carry-on luggage and bringing up rates on checked luggage you can be fooled easily by a seemingly low ticket-price and left astonished as you find out how much your journey really costs. We listed the top British airlines and their luggage charges.
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British Airways luggage charges

When flying with British Airways in economy class you are allowed to bring one piece of checked luggage up to 23 kg when flying to intercontinental destinations. When flying to closer destinations on a basic hand baggage only ticket you have to pay to bring checked luggage, varying between €25 or £22 one-way within the UK, to €45 or £40 one-way for South-European and North-African destinations.

Bringing checked baggage with Flybe

Flybe offers its passengers three different fare types, in which two fare types include checked-baggage. If you choose to fly with the cheapest fare type you have to pay for bringing luggage with you. The price for a 15 kg case is €31 or £28, for 23 kg you pay €37 or £33 and for 46 kg spread by 2 bags you pay €73 or £65. All prices are for a one-way ticket.

Ryanair and checked baggage

Ryanair is known for its low fares and charges you for any extra services regarding the flight. You can bring 20 kg checked luggage for €25 or £22 to €35 or £31 online or between €40 or £36 and €50 or £45 at the airport. Weighing your suitcase wouldn’t be a bad idea, Ryanair charges €10 or £9 for every kg of overweight luggage.

Luggage charges on easyJet flight

Budget airline easyJet not only has the strictest carry-on baggage policy of them all, they also charge substantial prices for hold luggage. Bringing 15 kg will cost you between €12 or £11 and €39 or £35 per flight when booking online in advance. Bringing up to 23 kg costs between €19 or £17 and €45 or £40 per flight. The actual price depends on the chosen flight destination.

CityJet luggage costs

When flying with CityJet, you are allowed to bring one checked-luggage bag up to 23 kg for free. CityJet also supplies free drinks and snacks on board. The fare prices however, are higher than with low-cost airlines.

Thomson and checked baggage

If you booked a package holiday with Thomson (TUI), your checked baggage is included in the price of your ticket and you are allowed to bring 15 or 20 kg. If you choose a flight-only ticket you pay around  £50 for 20 kg baggage for a return flight.

Thomas Cook luggage prices

Flying with Thomas Cook includes checked luggage up to 15 kg in Europe and 23 kg for intercontinental flights. The amount of luggage you are allowed to bring for free is displayed on your ticket. If you choose the flight-only ticket your pay £25 for 20 kg luggage per flight.

Jet2 baggage costs

When flying with Jet2 you get to bring 22kg of baggage for £29 per flight.

We have compared the airlines and the cost of bringing extra luggage.

Airline Kg Price
British Airways 23 €25 – €45 (£22 – £40)
Flybe 15


€31 (£28)

€37 (£33)

Ryanair 20 €25 – €35 (£22 – £31)
easyJet 15


€12 – €39 (£11 – £35)

€19 – €45 (£17 – £40)

CityJet 23
Thomson 20 £25
Thomas Cook 20 £25
Jet2 22 £29

Based on this information, which airline would you fly with if you have to bring luggage?

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