Sussex Police targeted Ibiza-bound drunk Gatwick flyers

Some passengers were told they might not be allowed to fly after drinking

A scheme to tackle drunken passengers at Gatwick Airport has seen alcohol-fuelled incidents fall, it has emerged.  The results of the initiative, which saw Sussex Police patrol airport bars, restaurants and work with Monarch Airlines to target late evening flights to Ibiza will be presented at a conference next month.

A spokeswoman for the airline said statistics were still being gathered from crews' flight reports, but alcohol-fuelled incidents had "greatly reduced".

Some passengers were advised if they had too much to drink they might not be allowed to travel, she said.

Airport staff had also been encouraged to check passengers' demeanour and officers had patrolled a number of flights.

Sgt Mathew Scanlan said airline crews had the final say on whether people would be allowed to fly, but the police were able to provide information to staff at the boarding gate.

"We all want people to have a drink and enjoy their flight, but it's about just not starting a party a little bit too early, and being aware that at altitude the effects of alcohol increase – so two pints can potentially become four pints at altitude," he said.

The full story can be found here.

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