Top 10 best airports worldwide

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is, for the second year in a row, chosen as best European airport. The list of best airports worldwide is mostly made up of Asian airports and Schiphol airport is the only non-Asian airport in the top 5.

 Schiphol earned its third place to its efficiency and the smooth connection possibilities. In addition, the list is only made up of airports that transport more than 25 million passengers per year. Another fun fact for Schiphol airport is that Café Rembrandt at Schiphol Plaza is awarded with the title ‘Best airport bar world-wide’.

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 of the World Airport Awards:

  1. Singapore Changi airport
  2. Incheon International Airport in Seoel,  South-Korea
  3. Schiphol
  4. Hong Kong International Airport
  5. Beijing Capital International Airport
  6. München
  7. Zürich
  8. Vancouver     
  9. Tokyo
  10. London Heathrow
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