Travel baggage free with SendMyBag

We all know that bag charges can add ££s to flight costs. So, if you can’t face the thought of cramming your clothes into your cabin luggage then take a look at SendMyBag,  a door-to-door luggage transportation service which will pick up your bags from your home and delivers them to your destination! The company has recently launched an Irish website promo man and woman on ipad

“Because Ireland is the home of Ryanair, it is a huge opportunity for us,” said SendMyBag CEO Adam Ewart. “About 20pc of Ryanair’s 80 million customers will pay for a bag – that’s 16 million people who check in bags and Ryanair don’t want them.”

We just hope that Ryanair manages to deliver its passengers on time as well!

Read the full story here.

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