Travel bloggers you should follow

What place will you visit during your holiday this year? Whether you are staying in the UK, visiting a European country or travelling to another continent, these five travel bloggers will inspire you to go on a special adventure.

Globo Treks is written by Norbert Figueroa.

Globo Treks

This unconventional travel blog and website is written by Norbert Figueroa: an architect who has been living on the road since 2011. His goal is to visit every country in the world. Not only does Norbert write about the beautiful and unusual destinations he explores, he also writes about traveling itself.

Inspiring Travellers

This travel blog features stories on significant topics of today’s world. How can you go green while traveling? And how accurate is your news-based image of Molenbeek? Geert, the author, wants to entertain his readers and inspire them to take at least one trip a year. Don’t forget to also view his gorgeous photographs!

Inspiring Travellers is written by Geert.

Life Part 2

Jonathan Look is a retired air traffic controller who has been traveling the world for five years. He started his travel blog to inspire his fellow baby boomers, but he is inspiring millennials as well! Jonathan’s stories are not only useful and interesting, they also make you think. Life Part 2 is definitely worth reading!

Life Part 2 is written by Jonathan Look.

To Europe and Beyond

Marie-Eve Vallieres travels the world and uses her iPhone to document the locations she visits. On Marie-Eve’s blog you can read about how to avoid the tourist traps in touristy places as well as about the more unexplored paths in Europe and beyond.

To Europe and Beyond by Marie-Eve Vallieres.

Travel Past 50

Kris and Tom write about their travel experiences in this interesting blog! They combine their background in journalism and marketing to introduce their readers to retirement on the road. Their goal is to inspire people to explore new destinations and try new activities all around the globe. What do you think of taking a stroll through Florence at night, or going on a walk in one of the ghost towns in Spain? Kris and Tom can give you a taste of it.

Travel Past 50 is written by Kris and Tom.

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