What are the advantages of a flight delay?

A flight delay often brings worries and inconveniences. But for a change, let’s look at it from the bright side. What exactly are the advantages of a flight delay?

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You can enjoy your holiday destinations for longer

Even if it is at the airport, you can enjoy your
holiday destination for a little longer. Enjoy the local food, write and send a
holiday card from the airport or sit back and relax and enjoy the vibrant life
at the airport.

You have a right to care

The wait that comes with a flight delay can last long… Luckily, in case of a delay of two hours or more, or with a delay due to exceptional circumstances, you are entitled to care. Food and drinks should be provided by the airline, usually by vouchers. If not, make sure to save your receipts to claim the extra costs from the airline. In case of a delay that forces you to take an overnight stay, you are also entitled to a hotel, including the transport to the accommodation.

You have time to sort out your holiday photos

Reality teaches us that once you are home, you often
do not take time to sort out your holiday photos… let alone make a photo
album. Are you delayed? Then sort them out to create that photo album back home
that you are so looking forward to!

You are entitled to compensation with a delay of three hours or more

Time loss is an annoying side effect… According to Regulation 261/2004 you are entitled to compensation for time loss in the event of an arrival delay of three hours or more. Depending on the flight distance, you are entitled to €250, €400 or €600 per person.

Fees for flight
destinations within the EU

  • €250 compensation for a delayed flight up to 1500 km
  • €400 compensation for a delayed flight exceeding 1500

Fees for
destinations outside the EU

  • €250 compensation for a delayed flight up to 1500
  • €400 compensation for a delayed flight between 1500 km
    and 3500 km
  • €600 compensation for a delayed flight exceeding 3500

For a flight within a distance of 3500 kilometres or
more and a flight delay between three and four hours, you are also entitled to
50% of the fee.

You can catch up on sleep

If you do have a little extra time, why not take a
nap? Stretch those legs and relax… because remember: in the plane you are
woken up by your neighbour, by the staff passing by with food trolleys or by
the captain calling for you to put your seat upright because of turbulence.

You can invest in your health

Since you often get restless legs in the plane and probably
feel uncomfortable walking around, you might as well make some extra miles at
the airport. This way you not only get your daily exercise, but also feel
better once you board. Be alert: also take good care of yourself during the
flight. The blood circulation in your legs must remain optimal. So move
regularly during long flights. Try to move or stretch for a few minutes every
hour even if it is at your own seat.

What advantages do you see in a flight delay? Let us know in a reaction and inspire each other!

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