Another strike at French Air Traffic Control

French Air Traffic Control (ATC) has announced a new strike. On Thursday, May 9 2019, the entire French ATC will lay down its work. The strike will have major consequences for air passengers to and from France and to the south of Europe.

air traffic control tower

Flights cancelled and long delays by strike French ATC

Every year, French Air Traffic Control strikes for a number of days. The next strike is planned to start Wednesday 8 May at 7PM until Friday 10 May 6AM. All parts of the French airspace will participate so the strike will have major consequences for air traffic. Not only flights to and from France will be affected, but also flights to the south. About 30% of all flights to and from France will be cancelled. Airline Ryanair (FR) has already cancelled flights for 9 May. Other flights are expected to be delayed.

Passengers are not entitled to compensation due to strike French ATC

Regarding to Regulation 261/2004 airlines do not have to pay compensation in the case of delays and cancellations cost by an extraordinary circumstance. An extraordinary circumstance are situations in which the airline has no control over the problem. The strike by ATC is an extraordinary circumstance, which means that passengers are not entitled to compensation for the loss of time. If passengers have a delay exceeded two hours they are also entitled to care. Care entails something to eat and drink and, if needed, a hotel stay.

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