Aviapartner strike at Brussels Zaventem Airport continues

Baggage handlers from Aviapartner walked out last Thursday as part of a strike. The strike will continue until today. The unions did not call the strike in advance. Airlines such as Ryanair and KLM were affected by this issue. Many flights have been cancelled due to the strike.
Baggage claim workers offloading luggage

Baggage problems for Brussels Airport

Because of the sudden strike many flights left without luggage. For many passengers, this results in an unpleasant start to their holiday. Brussels Airport provided beds for around 300 people, as many passengers had no choice but to spend the night there.

Aviapartner is still on strike

The trade union indicates that Aviapartner will continue striking until Tuesday. After talks with management on Sunday, they reached no agreement. However, talks between the union and management resumed on Monday. Moreover, the strike forced the cancellation of about 150 flights on Sunday, affecting 29 airlines. Ryanair and KLM were among those affected airlines. It is a chaos at Brussels Airport as far as luggage is left behind. The airport advises passengers to travel with hand luggage only. For many holidaymakers, the strike is in the middle of the autumn holiday.

High work pressure and old equipment

It is not the first time this year that Aviapartner went on strike. In January,  another strike took place because of the high workload in the industry and the outdated equipment that used. Management promised to improve the situation, but according to the trade union they did not fulfill these promises.

Strike baggage personnel is extraordinary circumstance

Aviapartner’s strike is not within the sphere of influence of the airlines. This strike is an extraordinary circumstance. Passengers are unfortunately not entitled to compensation for the cancelled flights and any delays. They have the right to care in the form of food, drinks and a hotel stay. Passengers do not have to sleep at the airport. If the airline does not arrange a hotel stay, you can arrange it yourself. You can submit the costs later to the airline.

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