Hurricane Ophelia to hit Ireland and UK today

It is the farthest east ever that a hurricane in the Atlantic has travelled as today Ireland and the UK are being hit by hurricane Ophelia. Reaching winds up to 90 mph the hurricane is expected to cause quite a stir in daily life. Flights from and to Dublin, Cork, Belfast and other major airports have been cancelled by the threat Ophelia poses.

impact hurricane ophelia over uk and ireland

Large impact expected on daily life

It is a sight not often seen in the north of Europe but hurricane Ophelia is reaching land today. Status ‘Red’ in effect as military stands by to help with consequences due to the hurricane. Schools, courts and other services such as shops and pharmacies are closed today. It is advised that people stay inside their homes as over 50 mm over rain is expected to fall in Ireland.

Ophelia impact on flights in UK and Ireland

Some flights from and the Ireland and some UK airports are cancelled as Ophelia is approaching. Aer Lingus, British Airways and KLM have already cancelled most of their flights. Ryanair is still operating as normal. Flight cancellations and delays are seen as ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and therefor passengers are not entitled to compensation. The airline is obliged to provide you with a replacement flight or refund of your ticket. You are also entitled to care during the delay.

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