Issue with Air Traffic Control systems ground flights at London Gatwick Airport

Problems with the Air Traffic Control systems at London Gatwick Airport yesterday heavily affected over 133 flights yesterday evening. Inbound flights had to divert to other airports or were cancelled altogether in light of the disruptions.

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Flight delays, cancellations and diversions across Europe

It was absolute chaos at London Gatwick Airport yesterday when an issue in the control tower caused long delays and many cancellations from and to the London airport. 133 flights from and to London Gatwick Airport were delayed for more than three hours, cancelled and diverted to other airports in the wake of the issue in the tower. British airline easyJet, whom is one of the main carriers at London Gatwick Airport, apologised for the disruption. The airline was not to blame as the problem occured in the ATC tower of the airport and therefore out of their control. A lot of families were stuck at the London Airport for several hours.

Delays by Air Traffic Control and your passenger rights

If your flight is delayed by an issue with the Air Traffic Control, you are not entitled to compensation. The airline is not responsible for any issues or disruptances going on in the traffic tower. If the delay exceeds two hours, you are entitled to care such as food and drinks, which should be supplied by the airline.

Was your flight delayed for more than three hours by a different reason than a problem with the Air Traffic Control? Check your right to compensation in our calculator!

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