Power-outage at Hamburg Airport closes airport

The airport of Hamburg was closed yesterday after a power-outage in the morning affected operations throughout the day. No flights were allowed to depart or land at Hamburg Airport.

departures at hamburg airport

Flights cancelled due to power issues

Hamburg Airport is the fifth largest German airport. During a normal Sunday, over 200 planes depart the airport. Since the power-outage, no flights left or came into Hamburg Airport. Stranded passengers had to spend the night in hotels or on field beds, the airport provided. Due to the large amount of people, the police was forced to close the airport and cut of entry roads. 298 flights were cancelled or severely delayed yesterday because of the power problems.

Delays continue Monday morning

The problems concerning the power-outage have been fixed since Monday morning. Delays are still expected during the day as the airport is trying to get its operations back to normal. Around 50.000 passengers are affected by the power-outage. EUclaim accepts flight delay- and cancellation claims after 10.00 AM. The first rotation of the day is still seen as an extraordinary circumstance.

Power-outage at airport is extraordinary circumstance

When the airport is closed due to a problem with the power supply, this is not caused by the airline and therefor, they cannot be held responsible. Flight cancellations as a result of the power-outage are seen as an extraordinary circumstance. You are not entitled to compensation for flight problems caused by such an event. You are however entitled to care provided by the airline such as drinks, meals and a place to stay if necessary.

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