Strike EVA Air grounds flights from and to Taiwan

A cabin crew strike with EVA Air is grounding hundreds of flights from and to Taiwan the upcoming days. The personnel of the Taiwanese airline urges the airline to come forward with improved working conditions and wages. In the meantime, the strike lingers on until June 20th, the cabin crew indicates.

eva air plane in the air

Flights affected by EVA Air strike

Approximately 105.000 passengers were affected by the EVA Air strike in the first few days. Especially flights in Asia were cancelled because of the strike, but also international traffic is largely affected, such as flights from Amsterdam, London Heathrow and Los Angeles to Taipei in Taiwan. The route to Taipei is frequently used as a transfer airport for flights to Bangkok.

Flight cancelled by EVA Air Strike?

If your flight was cancelled due to the strike of EVA Air cabin crew, you are entitled to compensation when you travel from a country in the EU. Airline personnel strikes are not considered an extraordinary circumstance. Besides compensation, you are entitled to care, including a hotel stay, meals and beverages.

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