Airspace Pakistan closed; Flights cancelled

The conflict between India and Pakistan on the region of Kashmir was taken to a new level yesterday when the Pakistani airspace was closed for commercial air traffic. The situation in Pakistan is too dangerous for airplanes to still use the airspace as two fighter jets were supposedly taken down yesterday. Airlines are now forced to suspend flights or figure out alternative flight routes between Asia and Europe.
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Flights to Thailand, Australia and Singapore suspended in Pakistani conflict

The Pakistani airspace plays a large role in the flights between Europe and Asia. Every day, more than 800 flights cross the Pakistani airspace. Especially Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia are affected by the closure. Thai Airways and EVA Air were forced to cancel a number of flights. Airlines are currently working on alternative flight routes. Thai Airways got clearance to fly over Chinese Airspace from the Chinese government, which is usually more difficult to attain.

What are your rights for a cancelled flight caused by international conflict?

War, terrorism and other safety situations causing flight cancellations are extraordinary circumstances. You are not entitled to compensation as the airline is not responsible for the reason of the cancellation. You are entitled to a replacement flight or refund of your ticket. Additionally, when stranded at a foreign airport, you are entitled to a hotel and meals.

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