Delays, cancellations and moments in commercial air traffic of 2019

The end of 2019 is near. As EUclaim, we reflect on how the year was for airlines and their passengers. Did you know that Palma de Mallorca was the most delayed destination from UK airports this past year? This and many more funfacts are featured in our year review of 2019.

easyJet and Ryanair planes parked at London airport Southend

1. Flight delays of 2019

8.862 flights were delayed for more than three hours from and to the UK up until November 26, 2019. That is an average of 27(!) long delays per day! Most flight delays of more than three hours were subjected to poor weather conditions, but others were heavily delayed due to operational and technical issues. For the latter two reasons of flight delays, you could be entitled to compensation.

2. Flight cancellations of 2019

15.293 flights were cancelled this year up to November 27. That is a grand total of 46 flights per day! Did you know that London Heathrow Airport is most prone to flight cancellations of all UK based airports? Due to the tight schedule of the airport, flights are more vulnerable to small and unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather conditions.

crowd at london heathrow airport

3. Most flight delays of 2019 belong to London Gatwick Airport

The airport that suffered to most delays in the UK in 2019 is London Gatwick Airport. Due to Gatwick being the home base of easyJet and easyJet being the most delayed airline of 2019, the logic adds up. However, London Gatwick Airport is also more vulnerable for flight delays due to the capacity issues. A new runway should relieve some of the airports’ pressure.

4. Air traffic strikes of 2019

The worst strike of 2019 for British passengers was on May 9 when 312 flights were cancelled or delayed for more than three hours due to a French Air Traffic Control strike. The most remarkable strike was the strike of British Airways pilots on September 9 and 10. It was the first time in the history of the British airline that its pilots went on strike. Fortunately for passengers, they were informed in due time and could reschedule their flights free of charge.

5. Most delayed airline of 2019

The airline that was responsible for the most delays from and to the UK was easyJet with 1647(!) delays. EasyJet is a British low-cost airline that operates from most UK airports and is based at London Gatwick Airport.

6. Most delayed destination of 2019

With a
total of 299 flight delays, the most delayed destination of 2019 from a UK
airport was Palma de Mallorca.

spanish traditional houses with trees and terrace on square

7. The worst day of 2019 for air passengers

The worst
day of 2019 for British passengers was without a doubt July 26. On this day in
the midst of summer, 521 flights were delayed for more than three hours or
cancelled, due to a system failure at the London Air Traffic Control.

8. The best day(s) of 2019 for air passengers

January 1
and 12 were the best days for flying from and to the UK. Combined, these quiet
and unremarkable days shared 12 flights with a long delay or cancellation.

9. Most remarkable event in air traffic of 2019

The most
remarkable day of 2019 was, naturally, also the one with the most delays: July
26. Passengers flying from or to London Airports were situated in pure chaos
when systems of the London Air Traffic Control went down.

10. The prediction for 2020

We have looked into our crystal ball, and by that, we mean that we consulted our Flight Intelligence experts, and have come to the prediction that 2020 will probably be with more delays and cancellations than 2019. This past year was so remarkably low on incidents such as poor weather, strikes and restrictions that we can only expect a decline from here on out.

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