Authorities and Airlines ground all Boeing 737 MAX airplanes

After past weekend’s Ethiopian Airlines crash with a Boeing 737 MAX airplane, authorities and airlines worldwide have decided to ground all planes of the Boeing 737 MAX type for passenger safety reasons. Amongst others, TUI UK, Norwegian, Ryanair and Turkish Airlines are airlines that use the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes.
airplane engine seen from airplane window

British Airspace closed for all Boeing 737 MAX planes

After the crash in October with a Lion Air plane and the crash with Ethiopian Airlines the past weekend, it became clear that the software issue with the Boeing 737 MAX planes was now a direct threat to passenger safety across the world. Authorities and airlines worldwide have decided to ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes for the time being. In the UK, Norwegian, Turkish Airlines, Ryanair and TUI airways are amongst the airlines that frequently use the Boeing 737 MAX, causing a large problem for their flight schedule.

Your rights for a cancelled flight regarding a Boeing 737 MAX

When your flight is cancelled due to the safety issues with the Boeing 737 MAX, you are not entitled to compensation. The cancellations are a direct consequence of a safety issue, which is an extraordinary circumstance. The airline is obligated to refund your ticket or arrange alternative transportation. When you are stranded abroad, you are entitled to care for the duration of the delay caused. It is not yet clear when the issue with the Boeing 737 MAX airplanes will be solved.

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