EUclaim at You & Yours BBC Radio 4

You & Yours, BBC Radio 4's consumer affairs programme is taking a look at the issue of missed flight connections today.

EUclaim highlighted the problem to the show after we noticed that so many of our customers had suffered  a missed flight connection. As an example there is a daily connecting flight offered to passengers by one of Europe’s leading airlines. Following a number of enquiries from delayed passengers travelling on this route we analysed the airlines route and connections from the start of the winter season 26 October 2014 through to 14 February 2015. The airline ran this particular flight connection 109 times during this period, but, in 63 out of the 109 flights it was impossible for passengers to catch their connecting flight. We looked deeper into other routes and flight combinations and have produced a list of the top ten worst offending airlines.

Adeline Noorderhaven, Manager, EUclaim UK will be in the studio to talk about our findings, you’ll be able to hear the stories of some of our customers, the CAA and the airlines have been invited to comment – let’s see what they have to say. Tune in to You & Yours, Radio 4 at 12.15 pm today.

Listen to the item here.

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