EUclaim mentioned in the Telegraph

On the Travel page of the Telegraph, a Q&A was published by Gill Charlton. A passenger wrote to the Telegraph to tell about a severe flight delay of 14 hours with easyJet, asking for advice.

The passengers were poorly informed at the airport and only were told that their aircraft would be used to perform another flight, leaving the passengers stranded in Venice. After filing a complaint, easyJet refused to pay any financial compensation. Also, the CAA was not of any help. The passenger asked the Telegraph what to do next.

According to Gill Charlton, consumer expert, the passenger asked the CAA and the Italian national enforcement body for help, but no help was provided. In the end, the passenger decided to use EUclaim’s services and easyJet paid the financial compensation within 3 months after filing the claim with EUclaim.

You can find the article here:
How to claim compensation when a flight is delayed” – the Telegraph

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