Expected delays during renovation of JFK Airport

Air passengers travelling from and to New York this spring can expect delays in their flight schedule. The busiest landing strip of John F. Kennedy airport will close for maintenance for months.

Extra busy times at the airport

Starting February 27 until the end of June, landing strip 4R/22L will be close entirely. Up to the start of September work will continue during the nights but eventually the strip will be closed again 24/7. The landing strip in question is one of the 4 strips of JFK, but the most used one at the same time. Almost half of all flights departed and landed on the strip in 2016.

Heavy wind can lead to extra delays

Since New York and JFK airport are both situated along the east coast, strong winds are common. Extra delays are bound to happen combining the situations at JFK at the moment.

Because the maintenance is planned passengers are entitled to compensation regarding delays exceeding three hours that are not caused by extraordinary circumstances. Passengers are only entitled to compensation when they are flying from the UK to New York or when they depart New York with a European airline back to the UK.

In this regard we advise British passengers to fly back to the UK with British Airways or other European Airlines. 

Photo ©CNN Money

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