urges government to control alcohol abuse at the airport

British holiday airline is urging the government to take action against alcohol abuse on airports as they are seeing an increase in misbehaving and drunk passengers on flights from and to the UK.
beerglas with beer

Two incidents past weeks on flights

The last few weeks, two flights of the holiday carrier were forced to divert because of drunk and misbehaving passengers. Past Friday another flight from Birmingham heading to Ibiza was forced to divert to Toulouse when a bachelor party got out of hand. One of the members of the group was already denied to board the flight as he was drunk and aggressive towards staff members. The rest of group started misbehaving as the plane was in the air. Families, children and cabin crewmembers witnessed the aggressive behaviour. The plane diverted to Toulouse and the group was removed by the police.

Alcohol already banned on flights

Previously already banned the sale of alcohol onboard regularly as they witnessed an increase in aggressive and drunk behaviour of passengers. However, the airline feels strongly that his alone does not solve the problem. The sale of alcohol at the airport is often the main cause of misbehaving passengers.

Plane diverted by misbehaving passengers

If a plane is forced to divert because of a drunk or aggressive passenger, you are unfortunately not entitled to compensation. The situation is considered a matter of safety, and therefor regarded an extraordinary circumstance.

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