Many disrupted flights due to sandstorm and hefty winds

A sandstorm from the Sahara hit the Canary Islands last weekend, causing chaos and widespread problems to the air traffic. Flights from these islands have been grounded due to the weather conditions.
sandstorm causes flight delays

Flights cancelled due to Saharan sand

Last weekend a vast sandstorm from the Sahara caused many problems on the Canary Islands. Due to the sand there was little visibility. Airports have been closed for several hours on Saturday evening and more than 820 flights to and from the Canary Islands have been cancelled, delayed or diverted. Many British travelers are stranded at airports. So far, at least 98 flights to and from the UK have been affected by the storm. Spain’s national weather service says winds up to 120 km/h (75mph) can last until Monday (today).

Severe wind caused problems as well

Also another storm hit the UK with torrential rain and hefty winds after Dennis and Ciara swept through. Again multiple flights have been delayed or cancelled due to severe winds, which caused chaos on the airports and many travelers suffered. A total of 170 cancellations and 46 delays spread over the UK’s various airports on February 23.

Flights affected by weather conditions is an extraordinary circumstance

Are you affected by these circumstances? Passengers affected by the disruption are not entitled to compensation for the flight problems caused by the sandstorm and/or storm Ellen. In these extraordinary circumstances the airlines are however obligated to take care of their passengers, this includes food, refreshments and overnight accommodation for long delays.

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