Ryanair, British Airways and easyJet threaten with summer strike in UK

Several thousand passengers could potentially see their holiday plans go up in smoke as the unions of Ryanair, British Airways and easyJet are threatening to go on strike in the summer holiday, affecting the vacation plans of many.

Two pilots walking through the airport

Ryanair summer 2019 strike

trade union representing Ryanair pilots will soon vote over a possible walkout
in the summer holiday over a row concerning pay and working conditions. The vote
will happen between July 24 and August 7, after which the results will be
announced. After this, the union is obliged to give two weeks’ notice for an
industrial action, meaning the strike can happen as early as August 21. Ryanair
is one of the leading airlines in Britain, performing flights from almost every
UK airport such as London Stansted, London Gatwick and Manchester Airport.

Ryanair strike and your right to compensation

If your flight is cancelled by the possible Ryanair strike, you could be entitled to compensation of €250 or €400 per person. Additionally, you have the right to a replacement flight or refund of your ticket and any additional costs you have had to make due to the cancellation of your flight

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3,800 British Airways pilots threaten to join in on summer strike

British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) is the leading Union in the action.
The union represents over 3,800 British Airways pilots that could also join in
on the strike. This could have consequences for tens of thousands of passengers
travelling internationally and across the world. Especially London Heathrow
Airport would be heavily affected by a possible BA pilot strike in the midst of

British Airways strike and your right to compensation

Cancelled flights by the strike of British Airways allow you to possibly claim compensation going up to €600 per person. You are also entitled to a refund of your ticket or a replacement flight. The right to care obliges the airline to meet your needs for food, drink and stay during a long delay.

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EasyJet check-in staff plans strike at London Stansted Airport

In the meantime, there is another strike on the loom, 43 members of the London Stansted check-in staff of easyJet. This could cause serious disruption for easyJet passengers. The employees are officially employed by Stobart Aviation and are angry over being paid 20 percent less than other check-in staff at Stansted Airport. There are five sets of dates announced for the possible strikes:

  • July 25 to 29
  • August 2 to 5
  • August 9 to 12
  • August 16 to 19
  • August 23 to 27

EasyJet check-in strike and your rights

The possible strike of check-in staff of easyJet at London Stansted Airport is employed by Stobart Aviation. Therefor the strike is considered to be an extraordinary circumstance as Stobart Aviation is a third party and not under the direct influence of easyJet. If you have issues with your flight regarding the strike you are not entitled to compensation. You are entitled to a replacement flight or refund of your ticket if the flight is cancelled.

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