Ryanair faces five million euro mega fine for flight cancellations

Irish budget airline Ryanair is dealing with some legal consequences after it had to cancel thousands of flights in September as a consequence of ‘planning problems’. Millions of passengers were troubled with cancelled flights. The Italian authorities is now taking legal actions against Ryanair requesting a fine of five million euros.

ryanair boeing 737 in the air
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Holiday leave for pilots results in cancelled flights

Ryanair made the news in September for less than positive reason. The Irish airline known for its low-cost flights made some errors in its planning schedule when too many pilots at once were granted holiday leave, leaving planes unmanned and therefor cancelled. Passengers were forced to find new flights themselves, often more expensive than the price they previously purchased their tickets for.

Looming million euro fine from Italian authorities

In Italy the last-minute cancellations caused a lot of commotion among passengers and the authorities, the latter suing Ryanair for poorly informing passengers about their rights. Ryanair was legally bound by Italy to inform passengers about their rights which they did not do, resulting in prosecution by the Italian authorities whom are demanding a fine between 10.000 and five million euros.

Your rights when your flight is cancelled

If your flight is cancelled because of ‘planning issues’ with the airline, you are entitled to compensation adding up to €600 per person. You must be informed at least 14 days before departure in order to qualify for compensation. You are always entitled to a refund of your ticket or a replacement flight. During the duration of the flight cancellation you are entitled to care such as food, drinks and a hotel stay if needed.


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