Storm Eleanor rages over the UK and causes flight disruption

We are starting the New Year with a storm raging over the UK and Ireland, resulting in floods, power cuts and 100 mph winds. Eleanor is causing disruption throughout the country and especially in coastal areas. Some large UK airports are also affected by the impact of the storm.

waves hit the coast of Ireland during storm Eleanor
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Delays and cancellations for airline passengers due to storm

The airports largely affected by the storm are London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Leeds Bradford and Newcastle. Especially flights to other European coastal airports such as Amsterdam are cancelled. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is facing its own storm today. Normandy at the coast of France is also dealing with the storm as well as the Channel Islands.

Your rights when your flight is affected by storm Eleanor

If your flight is cancelled or delayed due the effects of storm Eleanor, you are unfortunately not entitled to compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. A storm is considered to be an extraordinary circumstance for which the airline is not at fault. You are however entitled to care (food, drinks and hotel stay if needed) for delays exceeding two hours.


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