Strike of French Air Traffic Control affects flights this week

Another French Air Traffic Control (ATC) strike is upon us. Between December 4 and 8, several members of the ATC are going on strike. This will affect flights from, to and over France. Are you going to fly this week and is the strike affecting your travel plans? In that case, you have rights.

atc tower at the airport with grey sky

Strike of French Air Traffic Control between December 4 and 8

The latest
developments regarding the strike of ATC show that the industrial action starts
in the evening of December 4, lasting until the early morning of December 8.
Chances are that the strike dates will be adjusted to December 4 until 6. The
French ATC is known for limiting both destination flights (from and to France)
as well as flights crossing French airspace. As there are less flights in the winter
season the impact of the strike is expected to be limited.

Air Traffic Control strike is an extraordinary circumstance

When the Air Traffic Control strikes, the airline is not responsible for the impact this has on flights. Air traffic will be reduced to keep the situation safe and manageable for the reduced capacity in the tower. As a passenger, this means that you are not entitled to compensation for a delay of more than three hours or a cancellation due to the strike. This is an extraordinary circumstance. You are entitled to:

  • A
    replacement flight or refund of your ticket when your flight is cancelled
  • Care,
    being refreshments and a hotel stay if needed
  • A
    refund of extra costs made (parking costs, alternative transportation etc.)

These extra costs can be reclaimed with the airline.

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