The damage of the British Airways pilot strike revealed

It has been a rough two days for British Airways passengers. Members of the pilot union BALPA went on strike September 9 and 10. At least 1700 flights were cancelled, affecting more than 200.000 passengers this Monday and Tuesday.
Two pilots walking through the airport

Almost £100 million in damage for British Airways after pilot strike

The strike of British Airways pilots lead to the cancellation of around 1700 flights. The 200.000 affected passengers were informed two weeks in advance by British Airways and offered a replacement flight or refund of their ticket. Arranging all these alternative travel plans costed British Airways over 100 million pounds. However, the damage could have been greater. Because the passengers were informed in due time, they are not entitled to compensation under Regulation 261/2004. The strike ended on Wednesday after midnight.

Still delays and cancellations on 11 September in the wake of pilot strike

Though the strike
is officially over, there are still problems with the flight schedule as pilots
and other crewmembers are located in the wrong place according to the planning.
Some flights may still experience heavy delays or are cancelled. Passengers
suffering problems with their flight on September 11 2019 could be entitled to

Your rights for a cancelled flight by a strike

If your flight was cancelled because of a strike, you could be entitled to compensation. Strikes caused by airline personnel such as pilots and cabin crew are not an extraordinary circumstance. Strikes of air traffic control, baggage handlers and security staff are, however, extraordinary circumstances for which you cannot claim compensation. If you are in doubt about your rights regarding flight cancellations due to a strike, check your rights with EUclaim.

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