Air Traffic Control France plans strike

In June 2013, the French air traffic control went on strike for 2 days. This caused a lot of flight disruptions.

We estimated that a likewise situation would occur later this year. As most years, the French ATC go on strike in June and September.


Almost half of all trade unions of the Air Traffic Control announced that they want to go on strike. It is not clear yet if this will go through. This afternoon the decision will be made. Of course we will update you on the latest developments.


It is not clear what consequences the strike will have. The amount of air traffic controllers who will not report for work is unknown. It is therefore difficult to estimate what impact the strike will have on air traffic. If you plan to fly to France or over the French airspace, beware that there might be flight delays.

The trade unions that are threatening to go on strike have been asked to present their plans to Eurocontrol today, so their ‘tactical department’ will be able to make a plan, in order to have as much flights as possible to depart or land on time.

As it is very unclear what the impact will be, airlines have not been asked to reduce their flights. Let’s hope that these threats will not be acted upon.

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