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    Holiday feeling in quarantine: tips & inspiration!

    Whether you are working at home, caring for your loved one or working hard in the social care sector, everyone can use some distraction during this quarantine time. We give you tips and inspiration to gently stir up your holiday feeling.

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    Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

    Due to the coronavirus many flights have been cancelled and it is unclear when this will all be over. We received many question from travelers because there are a lot of ambiguities about your rights as an airline passenger. This page lists the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and booked flight tickets.

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    Cancelled flight due to coronavirus? These are your rights

    The impact of the coronavirus is clearly noticeable in aviation. The demand for airline tickets is decreasing, airlines are cancelling flights and travel warnings are changing daily. Have you booked a ticket to one of the risk areas? There is a chance your flight will be cancelled. What are your rights if you have to deal with a flight cancellation due to the coronavirus?

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    What are the advantages of a flight delay?

    A flight delay often brings worries and inconveniences. But for a change, let’s look at it from the bright side. What exactly are the advantages of a flight delay?

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    What impact will Brexit have on your travel plans?

    On February 1 2020, Brexit became be a fact. The United Kingdom officially left the European Union and moved into a period of transition until December 31, 2020. What impact will the fast approaching Brexit have on your travel plans in the upcoming years? EUclaim listed all the relevant information for you in this blog.

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    Delays, cancellations and moments in commercial air traffic of 2019

    The end of 2019 is near. As EUclaim, we reflect on how the year was for airlines and their passengers. Did you know that Palma de Mallorca was the most delayed destination from UK airports this past year? This and many more funfacts are featured in our year review of 2019.

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    Top 10 travel destinations for 2020

    Every year, Lonely Planet grants upcoming and special travel destinations a place in the top ten destinations for travel, increasing the popularity of the destinations immensely. The destinations that are chosen have something special to offer. This year, the theme is sustainability. As an add-on, we provide you with travel advice to these special travel destinations.

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    Sunny getaways for the rainy season within four hours flight distance

    The rainy autumn season has returned to Northern Europe with grey mornings and gushing showers all over Britain. The summer holidays seem ages ago and we long back to the days filled with sunshine, Vitamin Sea and long summer nights. If you have time for a sunny getaway this fall, we listed three getaways that guarantee a nice climate whilst being under four hours away by plane.

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    What happens to your passenger rights when the airline goes bankrupt?

    The past few years have been marked by some disastrous bankruptcy cases for British airline passengers. In 2017, Monarch went bankrupt along with Air Berlin and Niki Air. In 2018, Small Planet Airlines, Azur Air Germany and Primera Air went bust as well. Since the start of 2019, Germania, FlyBMI and WOW Air filed for bankruptcy. More recently, one of the largest travel agencies in the world, Thomas Cook, also filed for bankruptcy, leaving more than 600.000 holidaymakers stranded across the world. What are your rights when an airline goes bust and what organization can you turn to for help?

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    Which airline uses the most comfortable airplanes?

    The Airbus A320, Boeing 737 or an Embraer 175, the difference may not ring many bells. Airlines use different airplanes from different manufacturers, and they are completely free in that choice. However, which airline uses the most comfortable airplanes for its passengers? We explain.