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    Which airline offers the best service?

    We all like to travel and explore the world. One of the biggest factors in having an amazing journey, is our flight experience. What holiday carriers offer you the best inflight entertainment, leg space and luggage fees? EUclaim tells you all about it!

  • departure signs on airport


    Delay or cancellation due to disruption at the airport

    A power outage at air traffic control, tapped water pipes in the baggage hall or a check-in system that does not work, these types of faults sometimes occur and often have a major impact on air traffic. In these situations, passengers might be faced with cancellations or long delays. What are your rights when the airport has to deal with a major breakdown? We explain it.

  • Christmas market at night with lights on


    Five Christmas markets in Europe you must visit

    The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. Christmas is fast-approaching and brings with it the magic of the season. EUclaim tells you about some of the most charming Christmas markets to help feel the magic and beauty of this special time of the year.

  • People sitting inside the airplane ready to take off


    Seven tips to improve your long flight experience

    Tight chairs, tasteless food and crying babies. For many passengers, flying long distances is a necessary evil rather than a pleasure. Nevertheless, we travel more and more often, for work and pleasure. How do you best survive a long flight? EUclaim gives you seven tips.

  • Trees with fallen leaves in the fall


    Five fall holiday destinations

    Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons. The weather becomes more chilly and the leaves start changing colors. It all transforms into a fairytale setting. There are many places to visit in order to experience the charming nature of the autumn. EUclaim gives you five destinations to visit during this season.

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    Which travel insurance should you get?

    Whether you spend a month touring around America or a week skiing in Val Thorens, travel insurance is indispensable when you go on vacation. How do you know exactly which travel insurance you need and if you need additional cover? EUclaim helps you find the best insurance.

  • Person waiting for flight at the airport


    Five tips for improving your airport experience

    Flying can be exciting, but waiting at the airport is a necessary evil. EUclaim has some tips to make your airport experience less stressful.

  • Luggage being packed preparing for an upcoming trip


    Five places to visit in South America

    When thinking about the next holiday destination, not many think about South America. This sub-continent offers a great variety of beautiful landscapes and amazing food. Even though there is so much to discover in the south, EUclaim will recommend you some nice places you should visit during your first trip to South America.

  • plaza schiphol airport with passengers


    The five busiest airports in Europe

    We have mentioned the smallest and largest airports in the UK before, but what are the busiest airports of Europe? From booming Paris to urban Amsterdam. We listed the top 5 airports for you.

  • wing of avianca plane above water


    10 unknown airlines departing from London Airports

    British Airways, EasyJet and KLM are probably more likely to pop into your brain when thinking of airlines operating your next flight rather then Enter Air or Avianca. We listed a top ten of airlines departing from London Gatwick or Heathrow, you may not have heard of yet.