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    The most amazing airports in the world

    Some airports are a destination on their own. They are noticed by their unique architecture, impeccable design or far stretching facilities leaving even Charlie’s Chocolate factory behind in creativity.  We have listed he most iconic airports in the world for you to see.

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    Flight delayed by fog? You have rights!

    Fog is not a rare sighting in the UK and flights are delayed by foggy weather regularly. If you flight is delayed by fog you have rights.

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    Flying Business class? How to improve your chance for an upgrade!

    Who doesn’t fantasize about flying business class? Champagne in the skies accompanied by a Michelin star dinner and a comfortable bed to relax on and watch your favorite movies. Especially for long-haul flights, upgrades are very welcome. But how do you assure yourself an upgrade to business class? We have listed a few tips to help!

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    Luggage allowance of UK airlines

    The ever-changing luggage or baggage allowances of airlines is one of the most irritating factors for airline passengers, delays aside obviously. The luggage policies have gotten stricter lately, as mostly budget airlines have limited carry-on luggage to an absolute minimum. However, larger airlines such as KLM and British Airways no longer allow you to bring free checked luggage on your flight as well. We keep you updated on the latest in luggage world.

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    The differences between a hotel and a hostel

    The choice often seems obvious; you choose a hostel when you are young traveler wanting to travel the world as cheap as possible. You choose a hotel if you want a little more service, comfort and privacy and when you can afford to spend a little more on accommodation. Sometimes the choices are nowhere near as simple in the ever-changing world of travel. Luckily, we are here to help. In order to compare the price/quality of hostels and hotels in Europe, we investigated the offers in a few popular European cities.

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    Top 10 destinations for travel in 2019

    Every year Lonely Planet lists the top 10 countries to visit in 2019. Countries that are not yet flooded by tourism and that offer you a unique and interesting holiday experience. We combine their hotspots with suitable travel tips so can get the most out of your 2019 holiday!

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    Most delayed airlines in 2018 for UK passengers

    Was your flight delayed in 2018? Chances are that this was an easyJet, Ryanair of British Airways flight. As EUclaim researched the most delayed airlines of 2018 for British passengers, some airlines showed more frequent lengthy flight delays than others. Some flight routes were also subjected to flight delays more frequently. EUclaim compared 2017 vs. 2018 and gives you all the information.

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    Travel on a budget! The best budget holidays for 2019

    It is January and most of us can still feel the impact of the holidays in our wallet. As many of you, we are not one to postpone our travels due to budget restrictions. A new year is all about exploring, travelling and seeing more of the world! For that reason, we have listed five destinations for a long weekend getaway, paired them with cheap flights and accommodations to suit a budget holiday perfectly!
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    Tips for flying with bad weather conditions

    The last thing we want when travelling, is dealing with bad weather. During this time of the year, bad weather is a common event. If you are prepared, then you can minimize the delays due to bad weather. EUclaim gives you some tips to prepare for the bad weather!

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    Best places to visit for a great New Year spectacle!

    The year is coming to an end, and we would all like to start the 2019 in the best possible way. All around the world we can see a variety of different ways to celebrate the new year. From fireworks to parades, we can see  big celebrations taking place everywhere. EUclaim tells you about the best places to visit to enjoy the best New Year spectacles!