Top city trips for the summer

When visiting a city in the summer you have to consider the warm weather. Are you not the type for a long beach holiday and do you prefer to explore a new European city that is not blazing hot in summer? EUclaim has listed the top five cities suitable for a summer visit.
amsterdam canal with houses by the water

Trondheim, Norway

temperature during summer in Trondheim varies between 12 to 20 degrees in the
daytime, making this city the perfect escape from the hot and humid weather in
the south of Europe, as well as the crowds! It is also the best time of the
year to explore the beauty and tranquility of Norway and the surroundings of
Trondheim. The city may be small, but its character is formed by the more than
30.000 students living in it. The most famous sights of Trondheim are Erkebispegården,
the Nidaros-domchurch and Bymarka. Bymarka is the most popular area for hiking,
great views and outdoor camping in log cabins. The city Centre of Trondheim is very
cozy and great for doing some shopping! Most shops in Trondheim sell one of a
kind and unique items that will remind you of the beautiful city for years to
come. Besides shopping, we highly recommend taking a canoe trip on the Nidelvarivier.
Most of the restaurants in Trondheim serve meals created with the local
resources and flavours, accompanied by a locally brewed beer.

Flying to Trondheim

You can fly directly to Trondheim from London Gatwick Airport with Norwegian. The flight takes about two and a half hours.  

Riga, Latvia

When you
come to think of it, the republic of Latvia did not exist until 1991 and
therefor it is a young free state that was dominated by the soviets and Nazis
for many years. Since its indepence was declared in 1991, the country made a
swift turn for modernization without losing its heritage and character. Though
the city is labelled by its history, Riga is one of the coziest cities in
eastern Europe and definitely worth a visit! The colourful houses in narrow
streets, the old Dom of Riga and the Freedom monument all embody the character
of a city that has known little more than war over the past hundred years.
Visit the occupancy museum and get to know more about what formed Riga into the
city it is today, the open-air museum gives you a unique insight into the
history of Latvia completed with folk dancing and old buildings. Don’t hesitate
to converse with the people of Latvia, for they have unbroken spirits and the
most beautiful stories to tell about their country. Life in the city of Riga is
not expensive, the people are friendly and the climate is very reasonable with
its 20 to 25 degrees during daytime in summer.

Flying to Riga

You can fly to Riga departing from both London Luton and London Stansted Airport. Wizz Air operates flights from London Luton and Ryanair operates flights from London Stansted Airport.

Reykjavik, Iceland

visiting Reykjavik in Iceland, it is as if you are entering a whole other
world. This country, surrounded by water and ice, is one of the happiest
countries in the world according to the world happiness report.  The capital of Iceland,
Reykjavik, is small and cozy and home to the most delicious fish restaurants
and nice boutques. When visiting Reykjavik, we urge you to visit the largest
church of Iceland, Hallgrímskirkja. This church also offers you a beautiful
view over the Icelandic coast and Reykjavik itself. The street to be is Laugavegur,
where all the shops and cafés are located. For exploring Reykjavik, you need
approximately two days. When visiting the capital of Iceland we strongly
recommend you to combine this with the golden circle route, showing you the
most beautiful sights of Iceland.

Flying to Reykjavik

Flying to Reykjavik is the easiest way to travel to Iceland. Both London, Edinburgh and Glasgow offer direct flights to the capital of Iceland. easyJet, Wizz Air and Icelandair operate flights from London airports. From Glasgow Airport you can fly with Icelandair to Reykjavik and from Edinburgh with easyJet. The flight takes little over two hours.

Helsinki, Finland

is excellent for visiting Helsinki, as the winters can get very, very cold.
Summers in Finland can be quite cool with temperatures between 15 and 22
degrees usually. The Domchurch of Helsinki is the image of the city. The
Domchurch is a Lutheran church is being kept by the Bishop of Helsinki. Another
church that is like no other really, is the Rock church of Temppeliaukio. This
church was build in a rock and is located in a neighbourhood a little outside
of the city center. Visit the harbor of Helsinki and do not forget to do the
Finnish thing there is, visiting a Sauna! Löyly Sauna is located right by the
water of the Baltic Sea, used by visitors to cool off during a Sauna visit. For
good food after an hour in the sauna we recommend the most urban food market: Old
Market Hall. In the Old Market Hall you can enjoy the nicest Finnish delicacies
and pastries and warm up with a good cup of coffee or schnapps.

If you are
a true fan of classical music, do not forget to visit the monument of the
famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius in the Sibelius Park.

Flying to Helsinki

You can fly from London, Manchester and Edinburgh to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Finnair, CityJet and Norwegian operate flights on a daily basis.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

in Amsterdam is one of the most fun seasons to visit this amazing city.
Festivals are going on all over the city; the cozy streets of Amsterdam are
filled with terraces and people enjoying every streak of sun that hits their
faces. Take the opportunity to hire a small boat and tour the Amsterdam canals,
which is by far the best way to see this vibrant city. Go on a bike ride, visit
the Anne Frank Museum and enjoy the culture at Museumplein. For food we can
recommend herring tasting from a traditional herring cart and visiting the
foodhall in ‘the hallen’. Avoid the famous Kalverstraat and go shopping in the
more iconic and unique nine streets, called ‘negen straatjes’. Tired after a
day of shopping? Hop into the Jordaan for a taste of the real Dutch
bitterballen and a good glass of beer whilst learning about the Dutch iconic music
of André Hazes and other Dutch folky singers.

Flying to Amsterdam

The United Kingdom has many flight connections direct to Amsterdam. Almost all UK airports are connected to the Captial of the Netherlands. Among others, easyJet, KLM, British Airways and flybe fly from the UK to Amsterdam.

Which one
of these summer city trips is your favourite? Let us know in the comments

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