Beaujolais flights

In the next couple of weeks lots of bottles of wine are to be opened. One of the most famous wines is Beaujolais. We would like to share a nice "Wine-fact" with you.

In het past couple of weeks lots of cargo planes loaded with bottles Beaujolais wine flew to Japan. Japanese people love this wine and therefore are prepared to pay a lot of money for it.

Thousands of bottles of the last Beaujolais wine were transported to Japan. The Boeing 747 cargo planes are loaded that full so they have to make a fuel stop in Russia in order to be able to reach Japan. A Boeing 747 can carry 110 tons of cargo. Eventually 90.000 bottles per plane will be on board. The air transport costs only will be about EUR 5,- for each bottle.

We would like to make a toast on Japan to a healthy and happy 2014

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