Brits pay over £1 million a day in excess baggage charges at airports! Are you an over-packer?

Packing.  It’s one of those necessary chores that have to get done before you leave to go away.  But when it comes to packing, what type of packer are you?  Are you an organised packer, who has checklists and starts packing days in advance or are you a last minute packer who packs everything in one fell swoop?   Do you pack just what you need or something for every possible activity and circumstance?

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Whatever your method, according to a survey of 1,000 holidaymakers commissioned by minicab booking website Kabbee more than 1 in 3 Britons wear only half of what they pack! 

The result of our ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ syndrome is that we Brits pay over £1 million a day in excess baggage charges at airports, that’s a staggering £393m in baggage fees every year!  With  24% of travellers spending an average of £32.50 for extra capacity. But who are the worst culprits?  Surprisingly, it’s men who are more likely to over-pack, with 36% wearing only half of what they take on holiday, compared to 32% of women.  

Justin Peters, Kabbee founder, said: “Our study is designed to remind people to plan ahead for a stress-free getaway on their holiday.”  Excess baggage fees can be avoided by being well organised and disciplined about what you pack and what you really need to take with you.   Additionally here are some top reasons why people often miss flights, so at we at EUclaim wanted to make sure you don’t fall foul to these:

Top Reasons for missing a flight

1. Public transport delays – 39%

2. Oversleeping – 28%

3. Disorganised/last minute packing – 26%

4. Forgetting travel date – 18%

5. Going to wrong airport terminal – 13%

6. Out-of-date passport – 12%

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