Escaping the weather

While the British autumn has its charms, the colourful leaves falling from the trees is an image that is often literally washed away by the pouring rain. Time to list the best holiday escapes from the rainy season that is now upon us.


Warmth and sun, here I come

How about a trip to the sunny beaches and lovely climate of the Canary Islands?! A favourite destination for us British travellers that is not only popular in the summer time. With a steady climate providing temperatures between 17-27 degrees Celsius these Spanish islands have a year-round tourism appeal. The scenic views of volcanic rock formations and craters are bound to leave you impressed and the island of Fuerteventura is well known for its fun and active water sports. Whether you need a relaxing breather in the sun or an adventurous new surrounding to inspire creativity, The Canary Islands has all you need.

Hassle free flight

To ensure your escape to the sun proves hassle free, we compared the performance rates of the UK holiday carriers that fly to the Canary Islands in the autumn season. Since you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest extent, flight reliability is important. Going to Arrecife? Based on last autumn’s statistics, Thomas Cook had the least amount of delays and cancellations to this island. The airline that performed the poorest was Monarch. To and from Fuerteventura, one of the most popular Canary Islands, these statistics were the exact opposite. Monarch had fewest delays and cancellations last autumn to this island whereas Thomas Cook had the most.

The best chance of arriving on time in Las Palmas was with Thomson. Ryanair had the worst numbers regarding delays and cancellations. Three flights were delayed by more than three hours between Las Palmas and the UK. All the holiday carriers seemed to be unlucky on their routes to and from Tenerife. All airlines had a number of long delays or cancellations going to and from the Spanish island. Topping this list were Thomson and Ryanair.

Sliding down the snow in Salzburg

If you prefer the excitement of a snowy winter holiday instead of lying on the beach, we have listed the best ski getaways for you. Based upon last year’s winter data your chances of arriving on the ski slope on time are the best when flying to Salzburg. Not only is Salzburg one of the most family friendly areas to go skiing, it is also a great area for snowboarders. A great variety of adventurous ski slopes and a compound of cosy villages nearby, Salzburg will warm your heart even in the coldest of temperatures.

Salzburg, Innsbruck or Chamberly

Out of all the popular European ski areas, the airport of Salzburg proves to be the most accessible. Last year only one flight was delayed over three hours and only 2 flights had to divert due to adverse weather conditions. If you prefer a different destination for your winter holiday, Innsbruck is also a safe option regarding on time flights. You are best off avoiding the airport of Chambery. Last year proved to be a complete diversion disaster. Most planes leaving the UK did not get further than Lyon. Over 10 flights departing the UK from 21 December until 9 March to Chamberly were delayed over 3 hours. 26 flights didn’t even reach the famous ski area and diverted to Lyon.

Let us know what your plans are for an autumn getaway or winter holiday!

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