EUclaim data reveals that 311,550 passengers were delayed in 2014

EUclaim has used some of the 85 million pieces of flight data it collects daily to take a look back at 2014 and some of the highs and lows of flight delays.  A staggering 311,550 passengers have suffered due to 2162 flight delays or cancellations up to November this year.  Just under half of those delays occurred on 24th and 25th June when some 152,000 passengers were delayed due to 1014 incidents, they were the worst of the year and due to strike action by French  Air Traffic Controllers,  and so sadly air travellers were not entitled to flight delay compensation. The 16th of November saw the least amount of incidents with 12 delays affecting some 1,800 passengers.

So, here’s a calendar of the highs and lows of flight delays in 2014 

14 February –   48,150 passengers were affected due 321 delays caused by bad weather

13 March – heavy fog delayed 306 flights causing problems for   45,900 passengers

15 March – a much better day with only 18 flight delays affecting   2,700 passengers

24 March – 19 delays with some 2,850 passengers affected

15 April –   21 delays or cancellations caused problems for 3,150 travellers 

24 June – the worst day of the year with 574 delays or cancellation causing chaos for 86,100 travellers

25 June   – following closely behind the horror of the day before when 440 incidents delayed 66,000 passengers due to strike action by French Air Traffic Controllers

28 July – produced the second highest number of delays with 436 incidents for 65,400 passengers held up due to bad weather

19 October – 2,250 passengers were held up by 15 delays   

16 November – the lowest number of delays with 12 incidents causing problems for 1,800 passengers

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