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Dutch Prof. C.C. van Dam has a blog about general information on passenger rights.
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For an objective look at different aspects of passenger rights and the aviation world, please visit Various lawsuits and conflicts between passengers and airlines are extensively discussed, all from a legal perspective.

The current Supreme Court case between EUclaim and China Southern Airlines was discussed in a post in December 2011. This is a case where the court on 6 December 2011, decided in favor of the passengers concerning the Sturgeon Judgment. The airlines are opposed to this law. In addition, the Court decided that there is no need for preliminary questions to the European Court and that Courts in the Netherlands do not have to postpone their cases to wait for answers to these questions. The airline disagrees with this decision and has filed an appeal.

In his blog mr. van Dam explains the details of this case and what consequences this judge’s ruling has for both passengers and airlines.

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