Lufthansa forgets bus full of passengers in Munich

Passengers on Lufthansa flight LH 2066 from Munich to Hamburg were surprised when the departure of their flight was postponed right before take-off. The airplane turned around and went back to the gate. What happened?

Short before take-off, the crew noticed that not all 119 passengers were on board. It turned out they forgot to wait for a whole bus full of passengers!

One of the Lufthansa representatives said: “we have never experienced anything like this before".

A mistake in the communication was to blame. Neither the cocktpit- nor the cabin crew were notified that there were 3 busses on their way to the airplane.

When the third bus ran a bit behind, the crew thought the boarding procedure was closed. Luckily they realized their mistake and the pilots returned the airplane to the gate.

The only consequence was a slight depature delay. All 119 passengers eventually arrived safely in Hamburg.

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